Tony Gray can design and produce fully bespoke truck bodies to suit specialist sectors of industry

The new wheel change trucks will ensure that Airport Line Maintenance can consistently provide an efficient and timely turnaround whenever there is a requirement to change a main wheel, a nose wheel or a brake unit on any of the Airline fleet types.

This investment will allow Airport’s to: Reduce the length of delays if a wheel needs to be changed during the schedule operation. More effectively utilise a skilled workforce. Provide a safer and more controlled environment when staff perform wheel changes. Demonstrate a very visible commitment to the department vision in respect of “Providing the right training, equipment and working environment”

In addition one of the wheel change trucks will be for A320’s and one for A330s so the differing wheels sizes will also drive specification changes. The vehicle includes a bespoke Nitrogen rig supports and the PTO driven mechanical hydraulics.


Wheel changing vehicle

Nose wheel compartment
Wheel changing truck

Wheel changing truck body lowered

Landing wheel compartment
Truck body in travel position

 Key features of the new trucks are:

  • Second hand vehicle chassis can be used (PTO driven) hydraulics to provide functionality to lift and lower truck body to ground level
  • Roll doors on all sides Clear ceilings to improve light levels within the vehicle for day and night time operation
  • Built in support storage for 4 Nitrogen bottles
  • In built inflation reels
  • Storage for 2 main wheels
  • Storage for 2 nose wheels
  • Storage for brake unit
  • Storage for nose and wheel jack
  • Comprehensive storage for tools and equipment
  • Storage for consumables


This equipment will:

  • Reduce response times for adhoc mid operation wheel change requirements which in turn supports the delivery of the corporate punctuality and delay targets.
  • Provide full and efficient wheel change capability across the entire fleet at the Airport.
  • Reduce the man hours to perform wheel changes Eliminate Health and Safety concerns associated with old equipment and associated processes.
  • Provide a very visible demonstration of the M&E endorsement and commitment to a Lean working environment which will in turn support and encourage ongoing initiatives.